Welcome to Daytona's Margaritaville

Daytona's Margaritaville

Welcome to Margaritaville !

Inspired by the lyrics and lifestyle of singer and author Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville Daytona Beach Resort is a destination not just your new home.  You have worked hard and earned the right to enjoy your retirement the way you want to... In paradise (cheeseburger optional).

Why Margaritaville?

Looking for an exciting place to discover new adventures, celebrate with friends and family or indulge  simply in relaxing? This is more than a community, it is a lifestyle! Enjoy the pleasures  of living among like minded people, enjoy recreational activities and maintenance free living.

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Live Daytona's Margaritaville


Live everyday in a vacation

Why wait for a vacation when you can live it ?


Enjoy the beach life.

It could be as simple as a day relaxing under a beach umbrella, or it could be enjoying the might life and the indulge you have waiting for. Here in Daytona Beach, we are wold famous for our pristine beaches. 


Smell the Ocean breeze.

Come and join others who have found the right place to settle and enjoy the beautiful life of Daytona Margaritaville.

Daytona's Margaritaville

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Daytona Margaritaville is a great opportunity for real estate Daytona either for living or for investment, this is the place you have been looking for.

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